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The Perfect Southern Lemonade

Published on
December 18, 2022

Ahhhh lemonade… that sweet and tart treat from our childhood. Sometimes pink, sometimes yellow, always cool and refreshing.

It’s a staple that should be premixed in every good modern mixology bar. Why… because it goes so well with so many cocktails. Tequila gets sweet and sour, everything else can have this wonderful lemonade.

Vodka is the most mixable of spirits and the perfect southern lemonade is the perfect match for this.The tall and tart Vodka Lemonade is perfect drink for a hot summer day, or a rambunctious night on the dance floor, because of its sweet and fruity flavors, and cool and refreshing tastes. This energizing cocktail is simple to prepare and easy to drink. Who doesn't like a tall, ice-cold glass of lemonade? Even better, if you can kick it up a notch with some vodka!

Why you'll love the perfect Southern Lemonade and Vodka?

There are many ways to make this cocktail and only needs four ingredients: lemon juice, simple syrup, water and vodka.

The Drink Chef suggests using Tito's Vodka but you can use your favorite vodka, rum, whiskey, tewquila or anything else that you like. With a splash of seltzer or sparkling water you can make this cocktail even more refreshing and bubbly.

Finish off with a lime or lemon wheel for garnish to make it colorful and lighthearted – it’s an excellent choice to serve at events such as cookouts, picnics, parties, and more. A Spiked Southern Lemonade is tart, lemony, and sugary. Don't be fooled by the smooth taste; vodka is undoubtedly lurking somewhere!

How To Make The Very Best Perfect Southern Lemonade?

Everyone knows that to make lemonade, you need water, sugar, and lemon juice that has been freshly squeezed. However, you can't simply throw all of those ingredients into a pitcher and mix them together like that. Sugar has a difficult time dissolving when placed in cold water. It does not matter how vigorously you swirl the mixture, there will always be a coating of sugar that settles to the bottom of the pitcher. This is the reason why you need to prepare simple syrup. Stir together sugar and water brought to a very high temperature until the mixture becomes transparent, then allow it to cool.

The Drink Chef Perfect Southern Lemonade Recipe:

*Note – the below amounts of ounces can be substituted with pints, cups, quarts, gallons or any other increment you like. Just use the below proportions and you’ll get it right every time.

1 oz fresh lemon juice

6 oz simple syrup

6 oz water

* A few drops of grenadine will transform this cocktail into a perfect pink lemonade!

  • This cocktail may be scaled up for parties! Simply add the ingredients to a big pitcher and instead of ounces use the measurement as cups. It is just what you need to wow your guests.
  • Feel free to add another flavor, such as raspberry, blackberry, peach or blueberry. The choices are boundless, the enjoyment is legendary.

Do You Think You Can Make It Into Frozen Lemonade?

Absolutely! Put all the components, including ice, into a blender, give it a good spin until the consistency is slushy and voila! You have a frozen perfect southern lemonade.

Final Thoughts

Be ready, because this beverage could become your new go-to option. It is airy and invigorating while being extremely loaded with a plethora of excellent tastes. This Southern Sweet Lemonade Cocktail is very easy to prepare and tastes absolutely amazing. Cheers!

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