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The Perfect Margarita Mix

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November 21, 2022

The Perfect Margarita Mix

Yeah… every bartender out there says, “I’ve got the best”.

What makes the perfect margarita mix? In a word… balance.

It needs to be fresh, tart and sweet at the same time. No ingredient should over power the others.

A good margarita is comprised of Tequila, triple sec, agave syrup and fresh lime juice. The margarita is a wildly popular cocktail that is traditionally served with salt on the rim of your glass and hold the esteem of being one of the most ordered of all cocktails across the land. You can easily perfect the best margarita if you use the proper components in precise proportions. Fresh, crisp tastes are essential to making the ideal margarita. One sip of this traditional version demonstrates that this cocktail is a classic for a reason, despite the years of abuse it has endured at the hands of inferior sour mixes. There is simply no reason to ever look for canned mix because it is so simple to make with just those three components plus salt.  At the Drink Chef… we use this formula, which was developed over two decades of trials and efforts. Pleasing many along the way.

Where was the margarita invented?

The margarita, a traditional Tequila sour from Mexico that has evolved into one of the world's most well-known cocktails, is difficult to pinpoint exactly whose invention it was. As many versions of the drink as there are origin stories. According to one legend, the beverage was invented in 1938 when glamorous Ziegfeld fashionista Marjorie King asked Mexican cafe owner Carlos Herrera to sling it for her. Herrera added salt and lime juice because it was rumored that tequila was the only alcoholic beverage Ms. King would consume.

Others assert that the first cocktail was created in 1948 during a home party in Mexico by Texas aristocrat Margaret Sames (also known as Margarita). Or perhaps, during a 1940s performance in Tijuana, it was given the name Rita Hayworth in honor of the actress, whose real identity was Margarita Casino. Cocktail author David Wondrich concurs that the margaritas were created within the aforementioned period in his book Imbibe. According to him, the beverage was derived mostly from a drink called the Daisy, a traditional cocktail poured over ice during the period that combined booze, citrus juice, and vermouth.

Where is the margarita most popular?

The margarita rules in terms of the popularity of the drinks being served in the US, as well as the martini, is the second most popular and closely on its heels, according to cocktail enthusiasts throughout the country who have a favorite pour.

By the latest Nielsen CGA survey of on-premise cocktail consumption, drinkers favor the margarita in Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Tampa and New York. The only city that didn't follow suit with the margarita as the second option was Miami, where bartenders serve mojitos. The states that enjoy margaritas the most are California, Texas, Arizona and Alaska. (just kidding on that last one)

Some of the famous margarita recipes

Margaritas, especially fruity cold margaritas, have a poor reputation for giving people a hangover after only one taste. And yes, that is unquestionably true when using inexpensive tequila, excessive amounts of sugar, and synthetic fruit syrups. However, a decent margarita prepared with smoother tequila, sweet vermouth, fresh limes, and handmade simple syrup won't make you feel sick before your glass is empty. But whatever you do… Do not use the pre-packaged neon green crappy store bought mix that is on every shelf of every grocery store in America.

The quality of the ingredients is what makes a Margarita great. There is simply no replacement for freshly pressed lime juice.

Things to keep in mind while preparing the perfect margarita

Tequila, lime, triple sec and agave syrup are the only components needed to make a traditional Margarita. Although there is plenty of possibility for innovation, the clarity of that provides minimal room for error. Due to this, pre-made mixers or inventive bars have an abundance of alternately bizarre and sublime Margarita versions. Keep the below points in mind while making margaritas.

  • Pre-made mixtures and canned juices have both too much sugar and shelf stabilizers in varying amounts, which will throw off the drink's fine line of sweet and sour. Do you ever get heartburn after drinking margaritas? Yeah, well this is from the pour choice of pre-made margarita mixes. Nevertheless, if you adhere to natural ingredients, like handmade juice and quality agave syrup, you will enjoy the experience of this iconic cocktail.
  • A less expensive tequila bottle might be lying around, or you might discover one at the quadruple-discounted goods store down the street. It's tempting to add something to a cocktail in the expectation that the flavors will balance out any flaws. Resist the urge. A margarita only contains a few ingredients, therefore each one is important. If you utilize liquor of poor quality your margarita will suffer and so will your guests.
  • Balance is the most import thing here. Knowing your ratios is the key to making the perfect sweet-sour margarita mix.


And here's the Drink Chef time tested winning Margarita Mix! Nice and sweet, tart and full of fresh ingredients.

The perfect margarita Mix is a treasure! The tequila is the leading role, the mix is the supporting cast. Fresh ingredients are key.

Please don't bring that pre-made stuff from the liquor aisle.

The measurement 'quart' below can be substituted with any other measure (ounces, cups, liters, gallons).

  • 2 quarts fresh lime juice
  • 1.5 quarts fresh lemon juice
  • .5 quarts fresh orange juice
  • 3 quarts simple syrup
  • 6 quarts water


When making margaritas, the margarita mix emboldens your quality tequila and is the key to a perfectly crafted cocktail. Do not use that store bought stuff from the large bottles full of nasty ingredients.  

Stick to the basics and you’ll be slinging the best ‘Gritas’ in town. Serve em with love… like I do.

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