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The Perfect Margarita Mix

The Perfect Margarita Mix Yeah… every bartender out there says, “I’ve got the best”. What makes the perfect margarita mix? […]
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Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini

The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini: The Most Sinful Cocktail In The World What happens in Vegas… Stays in Vegas. But […]
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Black Manhattan

Introduction The ingredients for a traditional Manhattan cocktail are whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Although rye is the conventional and […]
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Tennessee vs. Kentucky Whiskey

The girl wearing a cowboy hat approaches the bar and I offer her a shot of bourbon. She wants to […]
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Who Invented Vodka?

A short story of where vodka comes from. Ancient Rivalry - The Poles or the Russians? – Who Invented Vodka? […]