Ahhhh lemonade… that sweet and tart treat from our childhood. Sometimes pink, sometimes yellow, always cool and refreshing.

It’s a staple that should be premixed in every good modern mixology bar. Why… because it goes so well with so many cocktails. Tequila gets sweet and sour, everything else can have this wonderful lemonade.

Vodka is the most mixable of spirits and the perfect southern lemonade is the perfect match for this.The tall and tart Vodka Lemonade is perfect drink for a hot summer day, or a rambunctious night on the dance floor, because of its sweet and fruity flavors, and cool and refreshing tastes. This energizing cocktail is simple to prepare and easy to drink. Who doesn't like a tall, ice-cold glass of lemonade? Even better, if you can kick it up a notch with some vodka!

Why you'll love the perfect Southern Lemonade and Vodka?

There are many ways to make this cocktail and only needs four ingredients: lemon juice, simple syrup, water and vodka.

The Drink Chef suggests using Tito's Vodka but you can use your favorite vodka, rum, whiskey, tewquila or anything else that you like. With a splash of seltzer or sparkling water you can make this cocktail even more refreshing and bubbly.

Finish off with a lime or lemon wheel for garnish to make it colorful and lighthearted – it’s an excellent choice to serve at events such as cookouts, picnics, parties, and more. A Spiked Southern Lemonade is tart, lemony, and sugary. Don't be fooled by the smooth taste; vodka is undoubtedly lurking somewhere!

How To Make The Very Best Perfect Southern Lemonade?

Everyone knows that to make lemonade, you need water, sugar, and lemon juice that has been freshly squeezed. However, you can't simply throw all of those ingredients into a pitcher and mix them together like that. Sugar has a difficult time dissolving when placed in cold water. It does not matter how vigorously you swirl the mixture, there will always be a coating of sugar that settles to the bottom of the pitcher. This is the reason why you need to prepare simple syrup. Stir together sugar and water brought to a very high temperature until the mixture becomes transparent, then allow it to cool.

The Drink Chef Perfect Southern Lemonade Recipe:

*Note – the below amounts of ounces can be substituted with pints, cups, quarts, gallons or any other increment you like. Just use the below proportions and you’ll get it right every time.

1 oz fresh lemon juice

6 oz simple syrup

6 oz water

* A few drops of grenadine will transform this cocktail into a perfect pink lemonade!

Do You Think You Can Make It Into Frozen Lemonade?

Absolutely! Put all the components, including ice, into a blender, give it a good spin until the consistency is slushy and voila! You have a frozen perfect southern lemonade.

Final Thoughts

Be ready, because this beverage could become your new go-to option. It is airy and invigorating while being extremely loaded with a plethora of excellent tastes. This Southern Sweet Lemonade Cocktail is very easy to prepare and tastes absolutely amazing. Cheers!

The Perfect Margarita Mix

Yeah… every bartender out there says, “I’ve got the best”.

What makes the perfect margarita mix? In a word… balance.

It needs to be fresh, tart and sweet at the same time. No ingredient should over power the others.

A good margarita is comprised of Tequila, triple sec, agave syrup and fresh lime juice. The margarita is a wildly popular cocktail that is traditionally served with salt on the rim of your glass and hold the esteem of being one of the most ordered of all cocktails across the land. You can easily perfect the best margarita if you use the proper components in precise proportions. Fresh, crisp tastes are essential to making the ideal margarita. One sip of this traditional version demonstrates that this cocktail is a classic for a reason, despite the years of abuse it has endured at the hands of inferior sour mixes. There is simply no reason to ever look for canned mix because it is so simple to make with just those three components plus salt.  At the Drink Chef… we use this formula, which was developed over two decades of trials and efforts. Pleasing many along the way.

Where was the margarita invented?

The margarita, a traditional Tequila sour from Mexico that has evolved into one of the world's most well-known cocktails, is difficult to pinpoint exactly whose invention it was. As many versions of the drink as there are origin stories. According to one legend, the beverage was invented in 1938 when glamorous Ziegfeld fashionista Marjorie King asked Mexican cafe owner Carlos Herrera to sling it for her. Herrera added salt and lime juice because it was rumored that tequila was the only alcoholic beverage Ms. King would consume.

Others assert that the first cocktail was created in 1948 during a home party in Mexico by Texas aristocrat Margaret Sames (also known as Margarita). Or perhaps, during a 1940s performance in Tijuana, it was given the name Rita Hayworth in honor of the actress, whose real identity was Margarita Casino. Cocktail author David Wondrich concurs that the margaritas were created within the aforementioned period in his book Imbibe. According to him, the beverage was derived mostly from a drink called the Daisy, a traditional cocktail poured over ice during the period that combined booze, citrus juice, and vermouth.

Where is the margarita most popular?

The margarita rules in terms of the popularity of the drinks being served in the US, as well as the martini, is the second most popular and closely on its heels, according to cocktail enthusiasts throughout the country who have a favorite pour.

By the latest Nielsen CGA survey of on-premise cocktail consumption, drinkers favor the margarita in Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Tampa and New York. The only city that didn't follow suit with the margarita as the second option was Miami, where bartenders serve mojitos. The states that enjoy margaritas the most are California, Texas, Arizona and Alaska. (just kidding on that last one)

Some of the famous margarita recipes

Margaritas, especially fruity cold margaritas, have a poor reputation for giving people a hangover after only one taste. And yes, that is unquestionably true when using inexpensive tequila, excessive amounts of sugar, and synthetic fruit syrups. However, a decent margarita prepared with smoother tequila, sweet vermouth, fresh limes, and handmade simple syrup won't make you feel sick before your glass is empty. But whatever you do… Do not use the pre-packaged neon green crappy store bought mix that is on every shelf of every grocery store in America.

The quality of the ingredients is what makes a Margarita great. There is simply no replacement for freshly pressed lime juice.

Things to keep in mind while preparing the perfect margarita

Tequila, lime, triple sec and agave syrup are the only components needed to make a traditional Margarita. Although there is plenty of possibility for innovation, the clarity of that provides minimal room for error. Due to this, pre-made mixers or inventive bars have an abundance of alternately bizarre and sublime Margarita versions. Keep the below points in mind while making margaritas.


And here's the Drink Chef time tested winning Margarita Mix! Nice and sweet, tart and full of fresh ingredients.

The perfect margarita Mix is a treasure! The tequila is the leading role, the mix is the supporting cast. Fresh ingredients are key.

Please don't bring that pre-made stuff from the liquor aisle.

The measurement 'quart' below can be substituted with any other measure (ounces, cups, liters, gallons).


When making margaritas, the margarita mix emboldens your quality tequila and is the key to a perfectly crafted cocktail. Do not use that store bought stuff from the large bottles full of nasty ingredients.  

Stick to the basics and you’ll be slinging the best ‘Gritas’ in town. Serve em with love… like I do.

The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini: The Most Sinful Cocktail In The World

What happens in Vegas… Stays in Vegas. But some secrets escape. Have you ever heard of the Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini? Well, it's not just a drink - it's a lifestyle. If you consider yourself a master of mixing drinks, this recipe is for you! The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is a sinful cocktail that has been around for years. It is said that the drink was created by the team at Dirty Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is considered one of the most sinful cocktails in the world and delivers on that promise!

The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is made with vodka, fresh strawberries, fresh lime juice, simple syrup and the secret ingredient… white balsamic vinegar, then a couple cracks of fresh black pepper. The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is a delicious cocktail that will leave you feeling naughty and sinful. Be sure to order one when you visit Las Vegas!


The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is a cocktail that takes sinful to a new level. The drink is made with:

It's not for the faint of heart nor the light-hearted. The creators say that this drink is so dangerous that it's considered a felony to make it in some states. So if you're looking for an intoxicating drink that will take your wild side to new heights, then the Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini should be at the top of your list.

Tips And Suggestions

Undoubtedly, the Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is one of the most sinful cocktails in the world. With its sweet and intoxicating strawberries, this drink will leave you feeling sexy and wild. Here are some tips and suggestions to help make your Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini experience even better:

Steps Of Making Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini

If you're looking for a naughty cocktail that'll leave you feeling fine and scandalous, look no further than the Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini. This drink is sure to get your party started and will have everyone talking about what in the world they're drinking. Here are steps to making this sinful ditty:


If you're looking for a martini recipe to impress your guests, give the Dirty Vegas Martini a try!

The Dirty Vegas Strawberry Martini is undoubtedly the most sinful cocktail coming out of the den of iniquity. Sure to tantalize your taste buds and make you feel like you are in for a wild ride. Cheers for the Drink Chef…


The ingredients for a traditional Manhattan cocktail are whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Although rye is the conventional and traditional strain of whiskey in this iconic cocktail, blended whiskey, bourbon and Tennessee whiskey will do just fine.

Five boroughs or New York city were once widely recognized in five cocktails of the time each named after a district of New York.

These include the whiskey-based Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, all cocktails of yesteryear.

But Where Did The ‘Black’ Manhattan Come From

The Black Manhattan allegedly created by bartender Todd Smith in 2005 while working as a bartender at Bourbon & Branch in downtown San Francisco. In the Black Manhattan, Smith substitutes Averna amaro for the sweet vermouth of the classic Manhattan. The amaro gives this beautiful dark drink its distinctive hue, hence the name. The final cocktail leans towards a bitter, earthy, herbal elixir, that offers surprise in every sip.

About the ingredients

You'll need Rye whiskey, Averna amaro, Reagan’s Orange bitters Angostura bitters, as well as Maraschino cherries and perhaps an optional orange for garnishing.

Since rye whiskey's peppery kick helps to smooth out a portion of the richness from the vermouth, it was typically used to make an old-school Manhattan. Both bourbon and rye taste good in Black Manhattan. Select bourbon if you prefer something a little sweeter.

Regardless of what you decide, I believe it is advisable to choose a bottle that includes at least 55% alcohol. Whiskeys with higher alcohol by volume (ABV) perform well in stirred drinks like this one because they have more flavor to withstand dispersion and additional ingredients.

By playing with the bourbon, amaro, and liqueurs, you may make countless permutations, much like with the traditional Manhattan recipe. Spice can take the place of notes of sweetness when you switch between rye and Bourbon, or you could try the recipe with brandy or a fine dark rum to create an entirely new drink.

Ingredients to make the drink:


A confusing variety of bartending gear is available, yet if you observe a bartender in action, you'll notice that they employ relatively few pieces of apparatus. Almost all cocktails need shaking or stirring, so all you need is a mixer and a long-handled cocktail spoon. If possible, you should also bring a stirring glass, although, in the absence of one, you can mix in your shaker tin. Listed below are some of the important equipment you might need for preparing a Black Manhattan cocktail:

How to make-Recipe

The term "Black Manhattan cocktail" refers to a version of the Manhattan cocktail that substitutes an amaro for the traditional sweet vermouth to create a somewhat herbaceous whiskey beverage. With these modifications, the forerunner becomes thicker and somewhat more bitter, with the herbaceous and caramel flavors of the amaro adding to the flavor's depth. The conventional way to serve the classic Black Manhattan cocktail is with a stirred beverage.

Shaking a Manhattan dilutes it too much and changes its texture, and you don’t ‘shake’ brown spirits. So, it’s recommended that you stir rather than shake. Put away the cocktail shaker and pick up a bar spoon and stirring glass instead. This one has legs and it sure to be a Halloween classic for ages to come.