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Hermosa Cocktail

Hermosa Cocktail 3 ounce Chapagne or Sparkling Wine 2 ounce ‘Kern’s’ Guava Nectar Served in a Flute Serving Glass With a canteloupe ball garnish This is the perfect summertime cocktail. A signature creation of The Drink Chef… It is a simple mix of sparkling wine and a nice splash of guava nectar. I like the…

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Champagne Cocktail with Angostura Bitters

Champagne Cocktail Recipe Begin with a champagne flute glass On a cocktail napkin, place one cube of sugar and shake Angostura Bitters… Soak this sugar cube completley. Fill full of Champagne or Sparkling Wine Add (Drop in) this  Soaked Sugar Cube (Don’t try this with a packet of sugar, it wont work correctly) Garnish with…

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Bar Trick 2 – Champagne Chair

This is a great bartender’s trick! Below is a video on how to make this neat little souvenir. I’ve been delighting people with this for many, many tears. When I give it to a pretty lady I always say…”It’s quite self serving, because I want to entice you to come back for the rest of…

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