Bar Trick 4 – Olives on a Stick

Ask Me How I Am?... Olive! Dirty Martini Anyone? This is a little demonstration by Blake, catching olives on a toothpick, held between his teeth. Nice little trick! Know when to say fun! I first saw this trick on a VCR video called 'Olympic Bartending, by professional bartenders, Don Foley & JB Bandy. These guys were very early in my career as a bartending 'lifer', a true inspiration.

The Envelope Bar Trick

Dear John

Dear John

The Envelope Bar Trick - This is a video of Blake, The Drink Chef, showing a bar trick involving an envelope and a story about it. It's just a silly little bar trick, but the restaurant business IS the entertainment business. This trick is good  entertainment. Just pick your audience carefully and have at it! Have fun! Cheers!

Australian Tea Bag Rocket Ship Bar Trick

This is a picture of Blake doing the Australian Tea Bag Rocket Ship Bar Trick

Blake Down Undah!

Australian Tea Bag Rocket Ship Bar Trick - This is a great bar trick that I learned a long time ago, from a true Aussie, from down undah. The example here is out of context of a happening bar scene, but if you stop to imagine a full bar and drunk people. It's dark, it's busy and it's FUN! Be sure to practice this before you attempt it in public, and test out the tea bags you intend to use... they don't all work the same. Also... if you have one of your co-workers kill the lights right when you light the tea bag... the effect is amplified greatly. Your surface must be perfectly dry, and there must be 'no wind'. All these things will kill this trick. But if you pull it off once, you will thank me. Cheers Mate!

Bar Trick 2 – Champagne Chair

Champagne Chair

This is a great bartender's trick! Below is a video on how to make this neat little souvenir. I've been delighting people with this for many, many tears. When I give it to a pretty lady I always say..."It's quite self serving, because I want to entice you to come back for the rest of the set." People come up to me and say "I've had that thing on my window sill for ten years." This warms my heart, and theirs!