Sidecar Cocktail

• 2 ounce Premium Cognac or Brandy
• ¾ ounce Tripe Sec
• ¾ ounce Fresh Lemon Juice
• ¾ ounce Simple Syrup
• Shake and Strain Into a Chilled Cocktail Glass
• Garnish With A Fresh Lemon Twist
• Also Perhaps Some Brandy Soaked Cherries

The Sidecar Cocktail – It is said that this classic old school cocktail was named after the motorcycle sidecar that chauffeured an American Army captain, to and from his favorite Parisian bistro, during the first world war. The first mention of this drink in a recipe book was three years after the war in 1922. In a book called Harry’s ABC of Mixing Cocktails, by Harry MacElhone. This drink features brandy, orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice, shaken and served in a chilled and sugar rimmed martini glass. Cheers!