Beverage & Bar News Roberto Cavalli Vodka & The Drink Chef

June 18, 2016by Blake Donaldson

Roberto Cavalli Vodka & The Drink Chef

Roberto Cavalli Vodka & The Drink Chef – Hey There! I’m at the Wine Warehouse Industry Tasting @ The Century Plaza Hyatt Hotel in Beverly Hills, as the mixologist for Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

This high fashion vodka is a beautiful ‘wheat’ vodka! 100% Italian! From the pristine waters of the Italian Alps, to the wheat fields of Southern Italy, this ‘four column distilled’ vodka is smooth, luxurious and a touch of sweet on the tip of your tongue. Ask for it at your local place… Roberto Cavalli Vodka!

Here’s the menu we offered for this great event…

Cavalli Martini With ‘Feta – Pesto’ Olives

Cantaloupe Martini With Melon Balls and Cilantro Flakes & Maple Smoked Bacon

Cucumber Mint Martini With Cucumber & Mint Flakes

Chocolate Grappa Martini With White Chocolate Shavings