Old School Old Fashioned

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Old School Old Fashioned

DSC01815-300x225Begin with a nice peel of orange, and one peel of lemon, at the bottom of your serving glass.
On top of that add one packet of ‘sugar in the raw.
Add ‘three’ shakes of Angostura bitters.
Add ‘two’ bar spoonfuls of water, to help dissolve the sugar and soften the whiskey.
Muddled these ingredients together. Releasing the citrus oils.
Add Ice to top of serving glass
Add ‘two’ ounces Bourbon Whiskey
Stir to incorporate flavors
Add ‘one’ nice orange peel twist on top for garnish.
Serve and enjoy!

The Old-fashioned is a classic whiskey drink that has been served since around 1880 at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky and is (disputably) the first drink referred to as a cocktail. It is the perfect ideal of what a cocktail should contain: a spirit, a sweet, a bitter, and water.

There is also a dispute as to use rye or bourbon, sometimes brandy and never rum. Depends on where you come from and what you like. I like bourbon, you can use anything you like.

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Blake Donaldson

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