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June 18, 2016by Blake Donaldson

Modern Mixology & Craft Bartending

Modern Mixology & Craft Bartending – “The bar world has changed a lot in the last decade.” Says, Blake Donaldson, The Drink Chef, and longtime bartender and bar consultant. “In the past, jiggers were for cheapskates… now craft bartenders use them to insure the ‘perfect balance’ of their alcoholic creations.” “Each drink is personally crafted, using only the freshest organic fruits, hand squeezed juices, herbs, spices, homemade bitters and house made sodas and tonics, honoring the proud traditions of bartenders that came before us. As a chef will fuss over special dish that they have planned, then executed… so it is in the world of ‘Modern Mixology’, “I’ve even had a garden, devoted solely to the bar and the happy patrons that came in. “My cocktails are more than drinks to be enjoyed, each creation may lead to a memory that lasts a lifetime.”