If a restaurant or bar is a play, the bartender is often the lead actor.

Bar Keep, bartender, bar maid, publican, barman or mixologist, whatever you are called, or call yourself, there is a lot that goes into this position.

You’re going to need to know…. Your guest, what they want, how to make it, how that drink was made back in 1920, just as prohibition was kicking into effect, here in the states.

The modern mixologist is a compilation of numerous talents, rolled into a personable actor, who’s playing the roll of the pharmacist back in the day.

Needing a strong knowledge of the history of the industry, history of the cocktail, progression of the profession and an ambitious desire to use locally sourced, fresh pressed delicious and healthy quality ingredients, fruits, juices, elixirs, bitters, shrubs, flavors, textures, rims, ice, glassware, garnishes, foams, vapors and essences.

When a guest askes… “Can you make me something special?”

A modern mixologist says… “Why yes… I can! I’m glad you asked…!”

Unfortunately, the ranks of the mixologist have been overrun with folks that are forgetting that this is all for the guest. Not about the mixologist. This is the hospitality business, make it about your guest!

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