Beverage & Bar News Cocktail Recipes in HD Video

June 4, 2013by Blake Donaldson

Cocktail Recipes in HD Video – Following is our collection of DRINK RECIPE HD VIDEOs, starring The Drink Chef and demonstrating today’s most popular and elusive cocktails. He shows you exactly how he makes his version of these drinks.

Drink Recipes Video Collection

Honoring the traditions of the proud bartending world. Watch Blake here, clearly explaining how to properly create ‘craft cocktails’. Over one hundred ‘step by step’ instructional videos, filmed in HD, and brought to you here. These are not the only way to make drinks, nor are they the definitive answer to cocktail recipes, this a helpful collection of ‘how to’ videos, in a real world bartending scenario, using the actual tools, tricks, techniques and practices of a modern day bartender.