I love it what someone comes into my bar, and says, “I don’t know what I want, make me something!”

This is on for me! To create something, with the tools at my disposal, designed to make someone happy, who obviously has an open mind about it.

How could you go wrong?

Simply begin by asking, “What do you normally like to drink at home? What are some of your favorite flavors?”

“Do you like vodka? Do you like rum?”

Whatever cocktail you create, it must be balanced… Spirit, acid and sweet. Then you can go for more fun ingredients, like a fancy garnish, a large format ice cube, colors, flavors, herbs, spices, techniques, even the age of the spirit will have an effect of the overall drink.

Quality is very important, so I always recommend produce that is sourced at your local farmers market, use the freshest products, squeeze your own citrus juices, to order if possible. No matter what you do… have fun with it! There are no wrong answers here!


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