Drink Recipes Champagne Cocktail with Angostura Bitters

June 2, 2012by Blake Donaldson

Champagne Cocktail Recipe

  • Begin with a champagne flute glass
  • On a cocktail napkin, place one cube of sugar and shake Angostura Bitters…
  • Soak this sugar cube completley.
  • Fill full of Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • Add (Drop in) this  Soaked Sugar Cube (Don’t try this with a packet of sugar, it wont work correctly)
  • Garnish with a fresh peel of Lemon
Champagne Cocktail

This is one of the earliest examples of cocktail creationism. I can imagine Monk Perignon would have thrown in a couple berries himself at some point…. Anyway… sparkling wine makes a wonderful elixir to add to any kind of flavor or juice that you like. In this case… an Angostura bitters soaked cube of sugar and a lemon twist will jazz up this drink to make it a delight. Feel free to try different flavored bitters or different sugars. In any case, a ‘packet’ of sugar will not work. It makes the cocktail foam over.
Trust me… I’ve tried it many times. Cheers!