Drink Recipes Blueberry Press

July 11, 2010by Blake Donaldson

Blueberry Press

Blueberry Press – This is a simple cocktail, not much color but alot of flavor and only half the sugar. If I’m out cocktailing, this is what I order. Kinda cool to ask for a ‘press’ cause alot people don’t know what this is. Even alot of bartenders don’t know this drink. Usually made with vodka, in a bucket glass full of ice, with ginger ale and soda water. A half and half mixture. Sometimes the ginger ale is substituted with seven up or sprite, but the point is a tasty cocktail with half the sugar. This drink can be made with any spirit, a whiskey press used to be quite popular, but now the spirit of choice is vodka or rum. Also try it with any flavored vodka or rum that you prefer. Cheers!