Bartop Garnish Array Video Tour

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Bartop Garnish Array Video Tour
This is a VIDEO TOUR and PHOTO GALLERY of a high end bar’s GARNISH and FRESH FRUIT SETUP for a busy Friday night’s business. A true gourmet ‘craft’ bartender set up, offering herbs and spices, berries & fruits and lots of glass rimmer choices. Please keep in mind that the collective impression of all of these products together, in one place, at one time, displayed for all to see… leaves a lingering impression on your guest. It shows your guest that you care. This set up tells a story… a story that has yet to be written, but is a bounty of flavorful opportunity. I harvested these fresh products from our ‘cocktail garden‘ devoted just to our bar. Lovingly tended to by Geri Miller of
Click any thumbnail to view the GALLERY SLIDESHOW:
[huge_it_gallery id=”4″] I will mention here that what is not spoken about or showed is fresh ‘Lavender’. This flowering plant offers any cocktail a nuance that is like no other. The light purple flower is the perfect garnish and the aromomatic leaves are the perfect accent for many a drink. Give it a try!

I’ve had comments on how ‘modern mixologists’ don’t cut their fruit ahead of time. Well, I agree with this principle, in theory. It is always best to have the absolute freshest possible product. However… at the establishment where this is filmed, the whole restaurant and the bar relied on me to get the drinks out in a timely fashion. There is no bar back, no bartender partner, no manager stepping in to help. Just one bartender, that needs to be set up and ready for anything. The purpose of this video is to show any bartender, that there is an array of products to ‘display’, in your own bar, that you probably already have in house. Go look in the walk in and see what you can find. Show it off, and your guests will feel like this bar really cares about fresh fruits, berries, herbs and spices in their bar program. Cheers! From the Drink Chef…

Bar Garnish Set Up for the Craft Bartender
The Bartop Garnish Set Up

Blake Donaldson

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