Bartender Jokes – 2016

  bar-jokes680Bartender Jokes - 2014 - Bartender Jokes by The Drink Chef - 2014 - If you are a bartender… you NEED this book. My most important tool in my arsenal. This is a collection of jokes, that Blake Donaldson, The Drink Chef, has been collecting for twenty years. Back then a close friend and workmate of mine named Lori, suggested that I start writing these jokes down. So I did… Soon I was carrying a shoebox full of jokes, written on the backs of cocktail napkins. I carried that box into work every day, for years. Now you can go to work with a precious copy of this, In this handy little booklet, that fits in your back pocket. “So this guy goes into a bar…” Bartender Jokes - 2014 - by The Drink Chef - 2014