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Mai Tai

Mai Tai Victor J. Bergeron claimed to have invented the Mai Tai in 1944 at his restaurant, Trader Vic’s, in California. Trader Vic’s rival, Don the Beachcomber, claimed to have created it in 1933 at his then-new bar named…

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Kamikaze Sweet & Tart • 1 ½ oz vodka • ¾ oz Triple Sec • 1 oz fresh lime juice* • 1 oz simple syrup • In a rocks glass • With a lime wedge garnish Check out my…

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Lava Flow

Lava Flow Island Cocktail 1 ½ oz light rum 1 oz coconut syrup ½ oz orange juice 1 oz pineapple juice ½ oz cream or half and half Check out my bartending and beverage Books Yes, we have bartender…

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Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop Sweet & Tart 1 ½ oz vodka ¾ oz Triple Sec 2 oz fresh lemonade* OR* 1 oz fresh lemon juice 1 oz simple syrup 1 oz water Shake all ingredients in a mixing glass full of…

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Black Cherry Lemonade

Black Cherry Lemonade 1 ½ oz. Effen ‘Black Cherry’ Vodka 3 oz fresh homemade pink lemonade ¾ oz drizzle of Chambord Liqueur Garnish with a lemon wedge and a cherry and you have the perfect spring fling drinky. Cheers!…

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